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The features of wedding ceremony in Mlynivschyna

 “The features of wedding ceremony in Mlynivschyna”
(based on materials collected in the village of Ostrozhets Mlyniv district, Rivne region)
In todays civilized world, every village has its recorded history. It is a necessary attribute of communication with the world. But few of the viziers of such villages are interested in traditions, folk customs and beliefs visited areas.
Today, with ever smaller villages, hamlets, and farmsteads grew the whole cities, metropolis. But they are, above all, a great crowd, where everyone lives by their own rules and it is indifferent to the fate of others. In my opinion, such an extension, resettlement only leads to leveling of national traditions.
Since I was born and raised in the village of Ostrozhets Mlyniv district, Rivne region I was especially interested in the question of its history, cultural traditions. I believe that at present we lost touch with folk traditions that were forgotten, and vary modernized, lost touch with the past. Thats why I was interested in the question of cultural traditions of small villages.  There are more than one century and maintain a rich history of our country.
We call ourselves Ukrainian, but do we really understand ourselves as such? To be a real Ukrainian, a patriot of your land, you need to know not only traditions but also to revive them, refer to its roots, trying to find not only unknown in his past, but based on it build a strategy for renewal of the spiritual life of the nation. But dropping the past, we risk not receive future.
Since ancient times our ancestors lay special emphasis on family formation. Accordingly wedding rites - a real national drama that included a game of dancing, singing, music. In the nature of the marriage ceremony reflected the peoples morality, customary law, ethics and world view ideas that evolved over the centuries.
The wedding was, and still remains one of the most important events in life, and traditional wedding ceremony - a wonderful phenomenon of folk culture, which consisted of a complex of ceremonies.
The actuality of research is the need to study the spiritual heritage of our people. Recently, interest has grown to about studying rituals in small local areas. Considerable aid in recreating ancient rites give orders, records the stories of local old-timers.
Exploring folk can understand the character of the people. It reflects the ethical and aesthetic views and his philosophy and beliefs. Return to national traditions is aimed at preserving ethnic and unity through common roots, history of interest in his land. Each of us has the opportunity to explore their family history, collecting stories and grandparents. The main thing - do not be indifferent to the fate of the land in which we live.
The research object is the wedding ritual in Ukrainian cultural tradition.
The subject – features of wedding traditions of Ostrozhets.
Aim - to give a comprehensive description of the marriage ceremony, to outline its significance in national cultural traditions, highlight and analyze the features of wedding ceremony in village of Ostrozhets.
To achieve this goal requires the implementation of these tasks:
- Clarify the theoretical aspects of the marriage ceremony;
- Collect and analyze folklore - of ethnographic material on Mlynivschyna marriage ceremony;
- Compare wedding traditions in Ostrozhets and in the Ukraine are described in the literature;
- Select features of the marriage ceremony in village of Ostrozhets.
Spring and theoretical framework: the basis of this research is the source base, which consists of field research - data gathered to celebrate the marriage ceremony at Mlynischyna, namely  in the village of Ostrozhets.
In Ukrainian scientists this problems was studied by scientists such as H.K. Wolf, P. Chubynsky, V. Borisenko, A.P. Ponomarev et al. A significant difficulty in studying the marriage ceremony is the work of G.L. Boplana "Ukrainian Wedding customs in the first half of the seventeenth century.. Also V. I. Naulko in the book "Culture and lifestyle of the population of Ukraine submits description of marriage rituals, interprets several week-long celebration of the wedding, but also reveals the value after the wedding visit. In Borisenko. in his book "Tradition and the vital functions of ethnicity" draws attention to regional peculiarities own wedding period in Ukraine.
In this series of books can be called: Lanovyk M., Z. Lanovyk "Ukrainian oral folk tradition, Lozky G." Ukrainian ", Kononenko P.P. "Ukrainian", Krysachenko V.S. "Ukrainian" by which you can select and classify and analyze the features of the marriage ceremony given area. Also used in the dictionaries and literary references.
Methods: We used the following methods: historical - comparative, analytical, descriptive, retrospective, method of field research, synthesis and generalization.
Novelty of this work is that today the problem is quite relevant study of cultural traditions of small villages that make up the whole mosaic picture of Ukrainian culture.
Structure Research: Course work consists of the introduction, three sections, conclusions and list of sources and literature. In the introduction, the goals, objectives, subject and object of study, determined the relevance of this topic. The first section of "Features of the wedding ceremony in Mlynivschyna, consisting of three divisions, contains an analysis of the said rites of separation and detailed description of the components of this period. The second section of "Features own wedding ceremony in the village of Ostrozhets " which consists of two units, is the description of wedding celebrations in the areas investigated. In the third section on ritual “Pislyavesilna Mlynivschyna” attempt to describe the final period of the wedding event, namely the adaptation of the brides house husband. In conclusion contains a summary of the results.

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